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How The Grinch Stole Christmas Movie is Directed By: - Ron Howard, Todd Hallowell

Starring: - Anthony Hopkins, Frank Welker, Jim Carrey, Taylor Momsen, Kelley Max, Jeffrey Tambor

Category: - Comedy, Fantasy, Family, Christmas

Release Date: - 2000-11-17

How The Grinch Stole Christmas movie Synopsis: On a tiny snowflake floating through the air, exists the town of Who-ville, home of the Whos. The town is joyously preparing for the coming of Christmas.

However, of all the Whose, a little girl named Cindy Lou Who is feeling depressed, and not at all in the holiday spirit. When her brother and his friends return from climbing Mt Crumpit and claim they saw the Grinch, Cindy Lou grows curious as to the Grinch, who she learns does not like Christmas. While in the Post Office with her Father, Cindy takes some mail to a backroom, and finds the Grinch trying to cause havoc in the mail room. The Grinch scares her, and causes Cindy to fall into the mail sorting machine. To her surprise, the Grinch rescues her.

Cindy then decides to investigate more into the Grinch's past, and interviews several people, including two elderly women who cared for the Grinch, as well as town socialite Margaret May-Who and the Mayor, both of whom were classmates with the Grinch.

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